• Concept, Choreography
    • Sergiu Matis
  • Dance
    • Tänzer*innen der Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company
  • World premiere Frankfurt26.04.2024
  • Dresden premiere17.05.2024

“Warpscapes” is inspired by the visionary power of utopian thinking, and it underscores how crucial hope is for artistic responses to today’s pressing issues, such as the climate emergency and the loss of biodiversity. The photographic camera and the art of painting have repeatedly captured nature as an idealized and inert landscape. Yet the environment is in perpetual motion and dance, in contrast to photographs and paintings, offers the possibility of enlivening these aestheticized representations by adding movement and emotion - not to humanize nature, but to consider what is human in a more nature-centric manner.

The dancers embody non-human creatures in these landscapes. Their movements and continual mutability suggest a multitude of possible futures that embrace and protect the biosphere. The dance in the landscapes represents a desire for fundamental change. The bodies reveal the urgent need to bring about radical transformation in a society on the brink of a sixth mass extinction.

Sergiu Matis

Sergiu Matis is a Romanian choreographer living in Berlin since 2008. He created dance performances such as "Neverendings" (2017), "Hopeless." (2019), "Extinction Room" (2019), "Unrest" (2021), "Drang" (2022) and "Blazing Worlds" (2023). His work has been presented at festivals throughout Europe.

His dance practice can be understood as a tireless search in physical and digitalized archives. His performances provoke intense experiences that break with expectations, point to a new understanding of dance and reflect the complexity of our time.



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