• Concept, Choreography
    • Ioannis Mandafounis
  • Dance
    • Tänzer*innen der Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company
  • World premiere Frankfurt28.03.2024

Seemingly endless emotional variations and choreographic interpretations create a heightened atmosphere. A curtain conceals the back of the stage. The dancers abruptly emerge or disappear through it, alternating between the two spaces.

The audience sees the performers on only one part of the stage, while another narrative unfolds behind the curtain, hidden from the viewers’ direct view. The audience follows both realities in real time, thanks to the moveable set.

In "Lisa", the space is used to juxtapose the contrasting moods that develop in front of and behind the curtain. The choreographer wants to interrogate the idea of storytelling in contemporary dance, which often focuses on abstract movement and dramaturgy.



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