Ugnė Irena Laurinavičiūtė

What I love most about dance is that it enables freedom of expression. It allows me to be honest in my being, in my true self. Through dance, I can access the parts of me that tend to be unattainable in other ways.

Ugnė Irena Laurinavičiūtė completed her studies in dance and theater at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. She is passionate about many forms of dance, including contemporary and classical techniques, as well as street and club styles. She has gained valuable experience working with other dancers and choreographers and she draws her inspiration and motivation from a shared passion for dance. She has performed in Lithuania and Amsterdam in pieces by Ioannis Mandafounis, Joelina Spiess, Adam Jönsson, Emio Greco and Pieter Scholten, among others. In 2022, she appeared in her own solo piece “Y is an incomplete X” in Amsterdam.