Manon Parent (Gast)

What I love about dancing – performing in general – is that it allows me to experience an extraordinary version of life, in all directions. It embodies and thus gives birth to an unfathomable world, which sheds light on my perception of the world and which I can carry with me.

Manon Parent studied violin, composition, contemporary dance and choreography. She began playing violin and dancing at the age of three. At 13, she began studying contemporary dance at the Paris Conservatory. The dialogue between different art forms is a fundamental concern for her, which led her to become co-founder of the multidisciplinary art collective Embody and the German-Polish cooperative project Osmosis. The latter explores the changing relationship between sound and movement in improvisation. As a multidisciplinary artist, she has worked for Perrine Valli, Kareth Schaffer, Roni Katz, Sergiu Matis and Margot Dorléans. She has toured internationally with several productions by Ioannis Mandafounis and has worked with him as co-author of the choreographies “Sing the positions” and “Scarbo”.