Louella May Hogan

It’s impossible to quantify love, but if I were to try, I’d say: ∇2ψ+8π2m(E–U)ψ/2h=0.
Where ψ is the way coffee works inside my body, ∇2is the vibe of the room, h is the choreographic constant, m is the body mass of the audience, E is its total energy, and U is its potential energy.

Louella May Hogan studied at the Victorian College of the Arts. As a freelancer she has collaborated between Australia and Europe with choreographers such as Cyril Baldy, Shelley Lasica, Prue Lang and Adam Linder. As a dancer with Corpus, the Royal Danish Ballet’s experimental ensemble, she worked with Bobbi Jene Smith, Kristen Ryg Helgebostad, Tilman O'Donnell and Ioannis Mandafounis, among others. She has also created choreographic works for herself and others, especially musicians. All of the dancers with whom she has shared rehearsal spaces and stages have had a lasting influence on her dancing. The interaction with their bodies has allowed her own dancing, performing and thinking to benefit significantly, thanks to the physical nuances, energy, feelings, knowledge and performativity of her colleagues. She continues to feel those impressions in her body, such as the weight and delicate power of Riley Watts in a challenging duet, the dynamic qualities and choices made by Lilian Steiner in sustained improvisations, and the experience of rehearsing for hours with Cyril Baldy and watching him work with his body.