MEET THE SNAKE – New Format on Improvisation Practice!

April 29, 2024

MEET THE SNAKE is a monthly improvisation event held at the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company studio on Schmidstrasse. The event is a platform for sharing and discussing improvisation practice, open to dancers of all genres and styles including contemporary, vogue, hip hop, modern, folk, and house dance. The evening is hosted by our dancers Thomas Bradley and Nastia Ivanova

The event is free of charge and open for viewing by the general public.
In English language


First Friday of the month
18:30 – 20 pm
Studio der Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, Schmidtstraße 12, Frankfurt

Upcoming dates: 01.03.2024 / 05.04.2024 / 03.05.2024


Any movement practitioner interested in sharing their improvisation practice is encouraged to participate. This includes dancers of the local Rhein-Main scene, as well as international guests to the area and all formats from a Solo to a group performance.

Interested participants should contact Philipp Scholtysik, Dramaturg of The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company ,at with the following details:
Number of Participants
Desired Floor Time (max. 20 Min.)
Short Practice Description
Example of Practice (Social Media, Vimeo or Youtube Link)

Thomas Bradley

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