We are a contemporary dance ensemble under the artistic direction of Ioannis Mandafounis. We develop, present and communicate dance with the intention of bringing people together, inspiring them and fueling their enthusiasm for dance. Whether through energetic, invigorating performances or quiet, intimate moments – dance has the power to unite even the most diverse individuals.

We combine contemporary ideas with the tradition of dance by experimenting, rethinking and refining established notions of choreography. A central pillar of the ensemble's work is the methodology developed by Ioannis Mandafounis, which enables the dancers to create choreographies live on stage, using their bodies, movements and actions afresh in every performance and with every moment. This generates a collaborative process that empowers the individual artists and opens itself up towards the audience.

Our ensemble brings together creative individuals with a range of experiences and backgrounds. Most of the dancers have already realised a number of their own artistic projects. The performers engage in an open exchange with each other, and their diversity enriches how we work together every day. We regularly invite guest choreographers to collaborate with us; during the selection process, artistic conviction, passion for new forms of dance, and fairness in dealing with others are our key considerations.

We are the company-in-residence at two performance venues: HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts in Dresden and the Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt am Main. As an internationally acclaimed ensemble, we tour regularly. In addition, we cooperate with educational institutions and prestigious national and international cultural organisations, offering a range of education and outreach programmes. Our goal is to facilitate cultural and aesthetic experiences regardless of background, socialisation, education, age or physical ability.

The Declaration of the MANY (Erklärung der VIELEN) is a statement for tolerance, diversity, and respect, and against populist and nationalist tendencies. Professionals in the art and culture sector have joined together to send a socio-political message and commit themselves to living these values in their daily work.

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company is one of the first signatories of the Frankfurt as well as the Dresden Declaration, which appeared simultaneously in many cities throughout Germany.

Frankfurt Declaration (in German)

Dresden Declaration (in German)

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company adheres to the values-based Code of Conduct published on October 28, 2021 by the Deutsche Bühnenverein, Germany’s national theater and orchestra association. The aim of the code is to promote a culture of free and respectful interactions at artistic organizations.

Values-based Code of Conduct of the German Stage Association